To the Point – Under 45 seconds

Listen to our clinicians rapid-fire answers to key questions.

To the Point, Kevin Smith

What makes NAPA the destination of choice for anesthesia clinicians? Kevin Smith, CRNA (APA Regional Director for the Mid-South) shares why you should LEAP to join NAPA.

To the Point, Trent Walter

Trent Walter, MBA, CRNA (Vice President of Business Operations for Virginia), has years of leadership experience. So, we started the clock and asked him: "How do you become a leader?"

To the Point, Heather Kartchner

We gave Heather Kartchner, CRNA (NAPA APA Regional Director for Virginia), just 45 seconds to answer a critical question… What does her team look for in a candidate? Let’s get to the point and find out!

To the Point, Chris Reed

"How does NAPA value their CRNAs?" Find out if Chris Reed, MSN, MPH, CRNA, CPPS (APA Regional Director for the Mid-Atlantic) can get to the heart of the matter in 45 seconds or less!

Words of Advice From Our CRNAs

Heather Kartchner, Joining NAPA

Heather Kartchner, CRNA (NAPA APA Regional Director for Virginia), explains how a national organization such as NAPA can work to your advantage, and how we invest in our people.

Kaia Finney, Advice to new CRNAs

Chief CRNA Kaia Finney shares her top advice for new clinicians entering the field. Find out why it is important to find your voice and trust your team.

Dennis Mendoza, CRNA Working for NAPA

Dennis Mendoza, CRNA, shares how the NAPA family culture and core values make him feel at home.